Saturday, May 9, 2009

You Are Sentenced To A Day In A Comic


This week's Day in a Sentence is shaping up to be a real Toondoo follow-the-leader event. And what a leader! Kevin Hodgson led the scene with a fantastic idea in a comic:

\My Day in a Sentence\

Gail followed suit with a double whammy:


Not to be outdone by buzzy Illya who decided to have a break and sniff the flowers:


while Bonnie put up a Big Show:

\Dover's DS!\

put to music by Anne

\Digital music\

a sound second only to Ken's fireworks . . .


that unfortunately put him on the Moon and the blast probably didn't do anything for Jo Hawke's SOL testing for he said this,

"Those cartoons are great! I tried to make one for mine, but it lagged too bad, and I got frustrated. So I'll write it out instead:

Students were in and out of class all week for SOL testing, and the only way to figure out who was *really* absent was to spend a good quarter of a class sorting through multiple PDF attachments of rolls and then checking the list of students who didn't actually show up -- for all three sessions each day! And we get to do it again all this week, too!"

Update 11 May 09
Then Gail H said,
"I wish that I could design a cartoon that would make visible the two-way tug many teachers must feel because they are torn between "test-prep" pressures and the desire to offer their students 21st century venues for learning."
Here's my best effort Gail. Maybe you could improve the captions at Make Beliefs

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Anonymous said...

Great idea using toondoo for the day in a sentence. Loved looking at everyone's comics and reading the last one too. It can be frustrating when things dont work. Thanks for sharing.

Kevin Hodgson said...

Great job, Ken.
Loved the comics

bonnie K said...

Hi Ken,
Nice! Loved seeing my Raisins kicking things off. As for the comics, I growled a bit and then rolled up my sleeves and got to work.
The Big Show is Coming next week but I ran out of room.
Cool beans,