Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Comic in a Sentence!

Day in a Sentence IconKia ora tātou - Hello everyone
Kevin Hodgson (aka Dogtrax) is having a week off DIAS. He is great at writing and designing comics.

Let’s have a rave-up while he’s out!

So let yourself go!

Put on your funniest persona, and write your side-splitting

Comic in a Sentence!

One of Bonnie's Travellin' RaisinsGet your giggle-pot bubbling, chuckle out your day in a sentence, and post your words in a comment here. Your hilarious product will be posted E O T W.

(For those who'd like to follow Kevin's innovative example, here's the link to ToonDoo).

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Rangimarie - Peace and harmony


Kevin Hodgson said...

Here is mine


(You can grab the embed code from there)


poulingail said...

I thought I'd take a peek at Kevin's and got hooked by the media - of course. So here is a link to mine, also made at ToonDoos.

Gail P

Illya Arnet said...

Hi Ken
This looks addictive!



bonnie K said...

Here's mine.



Anonymous said...

I love humour but am never so creative it at making it. However, we have been making musical stories in computer studies, so this is what I have depicted at http://www.toondoo.com/View.toon?param=759845 Thanks for hosting this week.

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora tātou!


Catchya Later

Jo Hawke said...

Those cartoons are great! I tried to make one for mine, but it lagged too bad, and I got frustrated. So I'll write it out instead:

Students were in and out of class all week for SOL testing, and the only way to figure out who was *really* absent was to spend a good quarter of a class sorting through multiple PDF attachments of rolls and then checking the list of students who didn't actually show up -- for all three sessions each day! And we get to do it again all this week, too!

Gail Desler said...

I'm with Anne in that I have a tremendous appreciation for humor, constantly seek it, often share it - and wish that it came naturally to me. However...

I wish that I could design a cartoon that would make visible the two-way tug many teachers must feel because they are torn between "test-prep" pressures and the desire to offer their students 21st century venues for learning.

Gail H