Sunday, May 4, 2008

On the 31- Day Comment Challenge

I've just started the 31-Day Comment Challenge, masterminded by blogger gurus Kim Cofino, Michele Martin, Silvia Tolisano and
Sue Waters.

I confess that, contrary to my initial reservations, I've learnt heaps. It has already introduced me to bloggers and commenters - too many for me to keep up with where I'm at right now, but it's a great challenge!

I'm a Science teacher who has worked in online learning for a number of years. I'm familiar with a range of e-tools. But I have to admit that the free software these good people introduced me to in the last few days is impressive. Hiccups? Yes, but most of them my own doing.

This is my first blog post and I am privileged to be part of this opportunity. I invite you, if you have not already taken up the tools, to participate in this now by visiting Michele Martin's blog site and reading more about it. If you are like me you will learn so much in a few days it will rock your socks!

Happy commenting!

Ka kite ano
from Middle-earth


Dogtrax said...

And welcome to the new blog (it looks so shiny!)
I found you from a comment at another blog and so the circle continues.

How do you envision using this blog? (Or have you gotten that far?)


Blogger In Middle-earth said...

My goodness Kevin, it's shiny because the paint's not dry yet! In fact, I've still got the brush in my hand.

How do I envision . . .? You're right, I haven't got that far just yet. But the main thing I see ahead of me is a lot of new learning, and I always find that exciting.

Thanks for being my first commenter Kevin. I am really stoked!! :-)

Andrea said...

Hi Ken,
where exactly is middle-earth?
How wonderful that the comment challenge has inspired you to start blogging. I was reading the comment you left on my post about habits and change and thought, this is a blog post in itself!
It is funny because when you commented the other day I tried to find your blog, but couldn't. Now I know why!
I am a new blogger myself. I started my blog in January, and I believe that it has really propelled me forward as a learner/teacher/writer. Words are so powerful!
I look forward to reading your thoughts on your shiny, brand-new blog.
What is ka-kite?
from Florida, USA...Andrea H.

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Hi Andrea!

Middle-earth is traditionally the fantasy land of Tolkien’s hobbits in Lord of the Rings. New Zealand film producer Peter Jackson who comes from Wellington NZ, and who directed the award-winning film trilogy, affectionately claimed Wellington as his Middle-earth. When I created my blog, I adopted the name, since I too live in Wellington NZ.

Ka kite (pronounced ‘ka keetay’) is the Maori farewell. It is said to one person and means ‘I’ll see you again’.

Nice to have your comment on my shiny new blog :-)

Ka kite

Andrea said...

ohmigosh! I am sorry, I was just being light hearted when I said that your comment was a post! I love long comments. I really don't think there are (or should) be any rules about length of comments. Sometimes, though, if I leave a long comment it makes me think that maybe it would be something for me to blog about on my own blog in addition to the comment. But really, this is what I enjoy so much about the whole blogging adventure. Whether I post on my blog or comment on my blog or someone else's, it is all good for helping me sort through my thoughts and ideas and learn from others. See, now I've written a comment that could be a post :-)