Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 15 Challenge – Give A Comment Award

Never lost
the scent

I have to admit that I found this Challenge a very difficult one for a raft of different reasons.

But it was also very illuminating, for I realised that my compass of awareness of the blogosphere was small and I had to do something about that before I could hand over this splendid badge invented
by Scott McCleod.

Deep into the Networks

I decided to look deeper into the networks that I’d already charted, what with Cocomment and the RSS feeder that kept me up to date with the latest posts. I discovered something which I thought was quite amazing.
I found that deep within the network of bloggers and commenters there were all sorts of conversations happening that I’d no idea had been taking place, and lots were to do with the 31 Day Challenge. Complexity science came to mind with all its fractal-like intricacies, its redundancies and recursively elaborate networks. The blogosphere is a complexity system.

Familiar Trax

I discovered posts and comments of people that I never knew existed. Some eight or nine links deep (by following the link from one blog to the next via commenters) I came across a few that I’d met before.
Invariably Sue Waters and Michele Martin were to the fore, frequently together, chipping in a useful suggestion here or a searching question there.

I was also aware that every now and then I crossed tracks that I'd met before - my old friend

Meandering for Days

Yes, this meandering sniffer-dog seemed to be leaving trax everywhere, supporting someone here, making a quizzical investigation there, and pointing the way to his Day in a Sentence. I even got an email from him urging me to put in a contribution to Day in Six Words, which I did.

My Comment Award goes to Kevin alias Dogtrax. It so happens that he was also the first person to visit my shiny new blog with a comment. Like a good dog, he kept coming back to check on what I was doing.

But that is not the end of the tail (sic). While I was doing my late night research to find the trails, I learnt that I'd already been awarded the badge by Andrea Hernandez who asked that I display it on my blog. Thanks Andrea! I'm stoked!

So this is why there are two Awards shown on this post. One is mine and the other is for good ol' Dogtrax.

Ka kite ano


BK said...

Hey Ken,
We have something in common. Kevin got my commenter award as well for supporting me from my early days of blogging and commenting and now that I'm moving around for the 5 in 5, I landed back here from Andrea's Blog.
So many connections. Reminds about another post I read here.

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Thanks Bonnie!

You are right. "So many connections!"

I went looking for your profile (I make a point when someone comments on my blog, of looking at their profile) and got "Profile Not Available".

Is there something I'm not doing right?

Ka kite

BK said...

Hi Ken
I'm not sure about the profile. Usually people just click to my blog:
I would to have you visit.
Maybe my other blog is the problem. It's new with word press. Just images and text, one of my passions.
I'm with you. I have been moving around the blog world and leaving comments and enjoying visitors at my place.