Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pick the Strawberries! GPS Website Gold Rush

Kia ora tātou – Hello Everyone
Pick a Strawberry
If you enjoy Science, and don’t mind reading online, you’ll never be bored visiting There is always something there that’s new, interesting, innovative and worth a read.

You might say,

I know lots of Science sites. What’s special about this one?

Well, it’s set up like a blog. Each article is a post. You can comment on the posts and discuss their content with other readers and sometimes with the author.

You could say,

Science sites I know always have the same stuff.
I don’t want to read the same stuff all the time

LiveScience posts several times a day, so you’re never short of new things to read. You might then say,

What! Several posts per day! How could I possibly read all those?

You don’t have to. But I recommend you pop the address in your RSS reader rather than bookmark the site.

Just take your pick

The feeds are short summaries, so you can scroll
quickly through six or a dozen of them on your RSS reader to see what takes your fancy.

That’s what I do. Like picking strawberries – I pick ripe and juicy ones. There’s no way I’d sit and gorge them all. But I don’t have to. There will be another pick of fresh juicies to harvest tomorrow.

You’ll maybe say,

What if I want to see what’s gone before?

You can do that too. The site has a great archive and a fine search mechanism that’s easy to use. It also has categories that you can browse, for these tabs
are displayed across the header of the site:

New window link to Video Channels
They give access to the latest articles in the category of your choice.

What do I best like about LiveScience?

LiveScience is hosted by Imaginova, a leading digital and commerce company.The articles are well written, well sourced and invariably well provided with links to the source sites to give you more background information. It’s like a Science newscast, giving you the latest on the most recent that’s hit the news in the world of Science, with the opportunity to read more.

And it’s not all reading either. There are diagrams, displays and illustrations galore, often with informative videos or podcasts, appropriate and relevant to the topic.
link to New Window LiveScience
So if you’d like to taste today’s selection of LiveScience fare, check out this strawberry. You might toss the address into your RSS reader for future munching.

Go on! Spoil yourself.
Pick the strawberries!

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Caffeinated Weka said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I can see myself easily 'lost' in LiveScience - there is a fascinating range of articles about almost every subject. It would also be a great resource to use with students.

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora e Café Chick!

Yup, it certainly provides lots to read and think about. I'm always amazed at the things I learn for the first time on the LiveScience site. It heralds a lot.