Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Amazing Journey

Tēnākoutou katoa - Greetings To You AllJonathan Seagull

This post is a dedication to the people who have shared a spot in the blogosphere – who have brought much enjoyment, companionship and wisdom – who have permitted us to exchange views and opinion, experience and learning – who have brought an enormous cornucopia of thoughts, ideas and achievements here at Middle-earth.

How great the feeling is to receive support, encouragement and reassurance at times of need. That’s what I’ve experienced lately, initiated entirely by visitors who have been reading my recent posts.

Blogging isn’t easy without a PC. I was feeling as if I’d lost touch with the ‘ether’ – the ‘fluence’, as it were. I saw my fledgling blog-spot flapping its wee wings and disappearing into oblivion.

But no. I believe it is just my perception, for the circle is still there.
I am, and always have been, thankful for the support of those in my commentsphere.

Not so lonely traveller:

This is an amazing journey. The ‘lonely traveller’ is not so lonely, for so many helpful friends are met and made on the way.

At this time, I’m particularly grateful to my work colleagues who have dropped by and cheered me with their chummy banter. They are newcomers to my commentsphere but I sense that they are not newcomers to the blogspot.

BalloonsThey, and many other welcome visitors like them, affirm that it’s not the blog posts that make the blog. A blog without visitors is like a child’s party without children.

What use are all the nuts, apples, oranges, lemons and grapes
if there’s no one to munch them and spit out the pips?

Rangimarie - Peace and Harmony


diane said...

I so enjoy your visits to my blog and feel remiss in not commenting here more.

We are a community: far-flung yet intimate, strangers who know each other so very well.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, dreams and hopes for the future.

Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to share the journey with you. I love your visits to my place and my mutual return here. I love that wild mind of yours and the great photos you see,

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Diane!
Recently I've had my wings clipped in getting round all my favourite blogs and commenting where appropriate. I should be able to visit more often and for longer now that I've got a working PC at home again.

"Hopes for the future." Yes, I tend to be pessimistic at times, looking on it as what's left in Pandora's box. It isn't often like that, thank goodness.

Tēnā koe Bonnie!
We are into journeys right now. Most of my children are away from home. One daughter is travelling the world. And my youngest is still reminiscing over her trip to Fiji in September last year.

Today's technology is fantastic for the traveller - mobiles, cams, Kindles. It puts a new slant on thumbing a lift :-)

Catchya later