Thursday, December 4, 2008

Having Saved the Baby

Having saved the baby, conserved the bathwater and rinsed out the bath, I should get real, and properly address Tony Karrer’s question which was, ‘what did I learn in 2008’.

In May:

I learnt to blog. Here’s the summary.

In doing that, I learnt that there’s a heck-of-a-lot of people out there who (obviously) enjoy reading blogs, but who don’t blog and who don’t comment much. I’ve had that confirmed a few times since then, while studying Google Analytics and AideRSS.

In June:

I learnt that the age-old rivals, training and education, were still as nebulously and controversially defined as ever.

In July:

I got an inkling that a lot of people who visited my blog were very interested in blogging as such. They were interested in the analysis and also the personalities depicted in blogs. My inkling was confirmed by a series of experiments that concluded in August.

In September:

I learnt that people have all sorts of wonderful ideas, models, metaphors and analogies for learning and how it’s done.

Also that month, I gathered more evidence that, in my commentsphere, there were a lot of people with strong ideas about commenting and the written and unwritten rules and regulations about that.

In October:

I learnt that there existed a whole spectrum of what people believed was necessary preparation for getting into elearning.

Coupled with that, in the same month, I found that there was a range of ideas around the blogosphere on the usefulness and effectiveness of commenting as a means for learning.

In November:

I discovered that bloggers in my commentsphere are keenly interested in the analysis of their own writing persona, even if just for fun.

I also had it confirmed what a joy it could be to blog and participate in blogging.

And it is a joy! Good will to all!


Tony Karrer said...

Ken - you might consider looking at what is being bookmarked in delicious of your posts. I find that this is a fantastic way to see what people will find valuable in an ongoing basis.

Britt Watwood said...

The joy has been on our part, Ken! Everytime you comment on my blog, you push my thinking to new levels, and I deeply appreciate that!

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Haere mai Tony!

Thank you for alerting me to what's on delicious. I have a subscription and I had a look.

If it indicates anything, it shows that the post you had an interest in is a popular one compared to about a dozen others. I have to admit to you that PostRank and GoogleAnalytics both showed this too, though they indicate different things, as you know, and did not put that post much above other popular posts.

Sue Waters and Christy Tucker both had a hand in convincing me that I should use PostRank (at that time called AideRSS) as it monitored RSS and GA didn't.

It would appear that what delicious offers me might be another parameter that I should monitor now, and for quite a different reason.

I'll keep an eye on it.

Catchya later

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Britt!

Ha ha! Maybe I should just stick to comments - ha ha! Y'know, when I wrote that (recent) post Strange Observations, it was out of self-pity.

I'd been reviewing some of the junk posts on my blog and was seriously considering deleting those that hadn't attracted as much as a single-line-comment. But on inspection of the stats, from various bits and pieces, y'know, I found that comments didn't always show the popularity from the reader's point of view.

Time on the page is a good parameter. After all, if a significant number of people spend 8 to 10 minutes on a page (on average) there must be some interest there, whether they take a note of it or not.

Another interesting observation I've made is that my (geographically) local blogosphere has some very keen readers.

In Wellington, I have a substantial number of readers, with a significant average time on the site and with a favourable bounce rate. These people, whoever they are, do not write ANY comments!

Maybe I should start an online course for my local readers on writing comments to posts - ha ha!

Glad you dropped by. Here's to you and yours!