Monday, October 27, 2008

250 Comments in Four Days!

Tēnā koutou katoa - Greetings to you allimage: 250 comments

Doing my usual catch-up, I read Ken Stewart's latest on Help Find Great Blogs. I'd to link through to Chuck Westbrook’s post for more.

While the idea Chuck has is still a bit odd in my mind, I have to give it to him that he knows a thing or two about getting comments on posts. When I popped my comment, I came in at number 222!

No, my fingers don’t have a tremble. Not yet anyway.

I checked out the comments on Chuck’s post today. Nicole Feliciano had put the latest one. She was at number 249! From when I put my comment, till Nicole put hers, Chuck's post gained 27 more comments.

I’ve never had anything near 20 comments on my blog let alone 249.

It’s Monday 27 October. Chuck's post went up last Thursday.
It's getting 5 comments every hour, and they’re still coming in.

This is impressive stuff!

Just on the side - and it could be unrelated - but the Reading Ease of Chuck’s post came in at 76.3.

Ka kite anō - Catch ya later


Paul C said...

Hi Ken,
Thanks for the link to Chuck Westbrook's site and his appeal to recognize great blogs. It looks like his idea has gone viral and it's worthwhile seeing where it will lead. I have bookmarked his site.

BK said...

Thanks Ken,
I joined in as well. Do you know about this?

Write a novel during the month of November.


Ken Stewart said...

Darren over at ProBlogger twittered the link, and this drove it crazy with some needed publicity. With over 40k subscribers, he has a way of swinging the vote, shall we say ;-)

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora tatou!

What a hoot. As you say, Paul, Chuck's post has gone viral - 273 comments at my last count!

Thanks for the link Bonnie! Looks interesting.

Tēnā koe Ken! 40k subscribers - eat your heart out change forger :-) Thanks again for the tip.

Ka kite