Friday, July 11, 2008

Participation in Social Media

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What attributes in a post influences potential participants to contribute?

Skellie, in her recent post, Bloggers: Watch and Learn, identifies the ways and means through which she believes bloggers can learn to write great posts that attract huge numbers of comments. She advocates studying “those who are already highly accomplished in the skill”.

She emphasises the need for immersion in “content that is optimised for social media” and in studying the techniques and strategies used by world-class bloggers.
Her final words on the matter are “never stop watching and learning.”

Most bloggers have lots to learn

If Skellie is right, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, then clearly I have a lot to learn about blogging from that point of view. So have most bloggers who write the posts I read.

In deference to potential participants, the most influencing factor in creating participation appears to be how the post is written. In the light of discussions recently taking place in the blogosphere relevant to encouraging participation in social media, can we afford to overlook the significance of this as a factor central to the effectiveness of such encouragement?

Why doesn’t everyone in an online group contribute?

What encourages participation in social media?
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