Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So You Think You Can Use An RSS Reader?

Tēnā koutou katoa – Greetings to you all

Inspired by Kevin Hodgson's lead, I'm following Clark Quinn's idea of overcoming perceptions of lack of substance in using comics.

In the past month my RSS reader has been cascading with new posts and my comment tracker effervesced with new comments bursting at the brim. I thought these applications always fizzed like that.

But of course, I only installed my RSS reader and comment tracker when I began the 31 Day Comment Challenge and that was a day or so late. I found that it was hard to keep up with the activity at times and neglected some of the new posts on blogs that weren't directly associated with the Challenge.

Mind bloggling 500 blogs a day!

I thought I was doing great though, sifting through the blogs, shooting a comment or so here, picking up an idea there. I had a wonderful time. After a week of good practice I felt a bit like an expert and have done until I very recently read Kevin Hodgson's stunning revelation that he reads close to 500 blogs daily.

Talk about mind bloggling! Well, I can see
I've got a lot of practicing to do. I've a long way to go yet. But if ever there was an anti-homophily technique for reading the Internet, Kevin must know it.

Check out the way he uses the RSS to support classroom teaching and work as technology liaison, not to say too much about connecting to a bigger network in his Bringing the World to My Doorstep: A Teacher's Blog-Reading Habits.

Ka kite anō – Catch ya later


Britt Watwood said...

I hear you, brother! As part of my 12-step program, I'll admit that I am now up to 52 blogs that I follow via RSS...but not sure I can do many more!

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

@Britt - Me too! 61 blogs on mine but not all of them active and some will get the chop soon. How does Kevin H do it?

Ka kite