Thursday, June 5, 2008

The QWERTY Legacy

Tēnā koutou katoa - Welcome to you allThe QWERTY Keyboard
One of the greatest barriers to using the computer is the keyboard.
It is the clunkiest of all the interfaces simply because it’s mechanical. These days even so-called hard drives can be entirely digital with no moving parts.

But the qwerty legacy was never meant for the digital age.
It's a contraption and I don’t think it should be improved.

I think it should be scrapped. Chinese typists will agree with me.

Here’s a brief description of my rechargeable light-powered computer of the future. It's simple. Surely the technology can't be too far fetched.

If I cough when I unfold my computer it logs me on.

It only responds to my voice, and can tell the difference between me talking and a high quality recording of me talking. And it doesn’t respond to a high quality recording of me talking either.

I don’t type what I want it to do. I tell it.

Touch sensitive screen? Yes. It is perfected to a high degree of sensitivity and usability. I can draw on it with a finger or a pencil.

The screen looks like paper when it’s in bright light; backlighting when in shade. It automatically adjusts to the light levels with vocal override when needed. Images and texts look as they would on a high quality magazine – matt effect, low sheen, holograph.

Unrolled I can use it to scan a magazine by directly laying it on top. Well folded, I can fit it comfortably in my inside pocket.
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 Ka kite anō - Catch ya later


BK said...

Hi Ken,
Sign me up for one of those. What a mind!
Here's a invite for where we are now, if I didn't send it yet:
Photo Fridays is up and running:
Join us with a photo and some words.

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia Ora Bonnie

When the first one comes off the production line you can have it.

Now about Photo Fridays: I have tried through all sorts of exhaustive processes, created my Yahoo account, attempted to sign in and got through to more requests for me to sign in. But try as I might I cannot get through to any spot in your Flickr account that permits me to either leave a comment or put up a picture.

If there is a way I would have found it by now. There must be something wrong with my connection or is there is something I'm missing - a brain perhaps?

Ka kite

Anonymous said...

Wow Ken. I bet once you bring that out, the only thing we hobbits here at TCS will see of you is a dust cloud when you ride away on electronic shadowfax highway...
My brother had the idea of a mobile phone that projects a keyboard and also a data show onto any suface, but voice is even better than typing.

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Kunterbunt hobbit from TCS!

Just say the word - any word and that'll do. Voice recognition (VR) is the future way. Of that I'm certain. How else can the computer easily ascertain who you are than by asking a series of (simple) questions and listening to the replies. It's not just the words with VR. It's the sound of the words and what's said.

Also the quick response to a series of questions would be easy if it's necessary for more information to be obtained about the user for the identity to be obtained unequivocally.

Maybe your brother and I should go into business :-)

Ka kite
from Middle-earth