Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GPS Updates Winged By Words

Tēnā koutou katoa – Greetings to you all
GPD Updates
I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things
Antoine de St-Exupery

The latest topic from the Green Pen Society has already gathered a flock of winged posts! September’s GPS topic is,

"What gets you flying when you feel you want to write?"

GPS, the brain-child of Paul Cornies at quoteflections, is a group of writers/bloggers who are developing their voice in writing about the world around them.

What brings you to write the things you choose to write about?
What gets you flying when you feel you want to write?

To participate in this month’s venture, t
ag your post with the label Green Pen Society and link back to this post. Put a comment here with a link to your post (important if you want me to know you exist!)

I've pasted my contribution at the base of this post.

Here is the flock of wonderful winged contributions to date.

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Inspired by . . .

How do I know what I think till I see what I write?

Ideas, feelings and stories that lie idly in my mind rise to the surface and glide when I write about them. Tangled thought-threads, perhaps diffuse and disparate, become less so and move more freely and succinctly when I do this.

Even if I’m confused or baffled in trying to make sense of what may seem like nonsense, I try to think of a title relevant to the jumble of thoughts I have. I write to the title. It is rare that any title determined this way remains unchanged, but it is a place to start.

The original tangle of thoughts begins to change shape as I write. What was bound and knotted starts to unravel. Thoughts become more linear by writing about them.

During this unweaving, I find that related thoughts can be grouped
ideas can be prioritised. There is opportunity for differences to become apparent – comparisons to be made. Twaddle can be culled. Emerging thoughts take shape and make contributions to the edits.

The cycle reiterates in loops in much the same way as a gull soars in circles higher and higher in the warm updraft from a sunny hillside.

When the looping is complete, and my thoughts are brought to rest,
I can sleep on them.

A Green Pen Society contribution

Ngā mihi nui – Best wishes

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